Kosher Napa Valley - Vaad Hakashrus of Napa Valley
Consulting and Supervision

As the demand for kosher food products in the United States and around the world has grown and impacted the food industry, we saw the need to offer kosher consulting and supervision to Napa Valley.

Chabad of Napa Valley Est. in 2006 is a branch of Chabad Lubavitch originating in Russia in the late 1700's one of the world’s most respected Jewish organizations. Chabad is known best for its novel approach in attracting unaffiliated Jews to Judaism.

Under the supervision of Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum, Kosher Napa Valley offers Kosher consulting and supervision to Napa Valley Restarunts, Hotels and Resorts. for more information and for rates, please fill the form below.

Rabbi Tenenbaum is committed to more than simply kosher certification. He is actively involved in teaching and promoting appreciation of the kosher dietary laws and observances.

 Rabbi Mendy Cohen
 Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum
Napa Valley


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