Cuvée Chabad, Zinfandel, 2011:  After a few small-batch vintages (some of which I had the pleasure of tasting), Chabad Napa Valley’s Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum decided to swing for the fences and released his first commercial vintage (proceeds help support the organization’s Napa Valley efforts – hopefully a gourmet kosher restaurant is part of them J).  I tasted this wine out of the barrel after it had already been bottled (a portion of it remains in the barrel while most has been bottled and is for sale) and really liked it – rich and delicious, powerful without being overwhelming.  The background story of the wine was recently written up here and here.  You canorder the wine directly here. 

Zinfandel is a type of grape that is considered the original American varietal, even though studies have shown it to have originated in Croatia. At its best, Zinfandel provides a rich, robust alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon or Australian Shiraz and will typically have peppery notes. White Zinfandel, a wine-related abomination, is made by allowing the juice only minimal contact with the skins, which provide it with some body and color. I find it terrible that White Zinfandel outsells its far superior red brother almost 7 to 1. 

What people are saying about Cuvee Chabad wines:

✭✭ Feedback from David Schottenstein 
"I have never in my entire life enjoyed any wine as much as I enjoyed Cuvee Chabad and I've had some pretty outrageously expensive sought after wines before."

✭✭ Feedback from Yosef S.✭
Just drank a bottle of cuvee Chabad with my chicken wings watching superbowl wine was amazing!! Going thru my six bottles way too fast!!

✭✭ Review from Jeff C. ✭
I must admit my expectations were high as I am a huge fan of everything from Covenant (especially the Cabernet) Wineries although I am not very familiar with Zinfandels. I was not disappointed. 
I found the wine full bodied, balanced and very smooth, especially in my larger wine glasses. It had a tasty fruit flavor and a really nice dry finish. I am certainly no expert but I would recommend this wine to anyone. The fact that it is made by a Chabad Rabbi makes it that much better!
Continued success in not only your wine making but in all your endeavors as a Shliach of the Rebbe!

✭✭✭ Feedback from Steve & Leah S. ✭✭✭
As you probably know we tried 6 bottles of your Cuvee Chabad Zinfandel and frankly think that your and the Morgan's make a wonderful wine. You may not know that Zinfandel has been one of the hidden treasures of the Napa valley.