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Shabbat has long been a means to reconnect with ourselves, our families and our community.
Nothing embodies the Shabbat table more than delicious fresh baked Challah. For the first time ever in
Napa Valley, women and girls from all across the Jewish community will join for the ultimate
Challah extravaganza. We will knead, braid, shape and pray together.

In addition to each woman making two challahs, we will hear inspirational words, enjoy a wine and
cheese buffet, and a wonderful atmosphere of community spirit. In addition each participant will receive
her very own beautiful Mega Challah apron to enjoy, long after the event ends.

Baking challah is a time-honored Mitzvah dating back to our Matriarchs. When a woman bakes Challah
and makes the blessing on the dough, she is bringing additional blessing into her home and into the food
that she lovingly prepares for family & friends. It is an opportune time to pray for one's personal,
family or community's needs.

With so many women under one roof, it will be an evening of incredible feminine energy, community,
and of course, Challah baking. This experience will be unforgettable, and we invite you to be a part of it!

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