Join us for an Elegant, Traditional Rosh Hashanah Dinner. 

Sunday, Sep. 29th 6:45pm

Where: email for RSVP and location  [email protected]  

With delicious traditional Rosh-Hashanah foods, great camaraderie, and inspiration, we will welcome in the New Year, 
and celebrate the special moment of Rosh Hashanah. Capture the spirit and tastes of Rosh Hashanah with family 
and community at this unique and memorable Rosh Hashanah Dinner.

RSVP required -  Click here

Round Challahs • Brisket • Apples & Honey • Much more!

Rosh Hashanah dinner reservation Sunday, Sep. 29th 6:45pm 
Evening Prayers – welcoming the New Year 
Community Rosh Hashanah Gourmet Dinner following services. 

To make a New Year contribution to Chabad of Napa Valley:   CLICK HERE 

For more information please call  (707) 492-5993  or email:  [email protected]