The process of life includes many types of pressures, strain and challenging experiences. Rabbi Tenenbaum is available to assist individuals and families live through the ups and downs with gratitude and in the most positive way. Jewish teaching itself provides a great resource for this. At a difficult time, a conversation with the Rabbi may well help a person see things in a clearer perspective.

Rabbi Tenenbaum offers personally tailored spiritual guidance and counseling on most aspects of life, through the light of Torah values and Jewish philosophy and is dedicated to offering counseling in times of crisis, personal issues, relationships, religious issues, etc.

Do you find yourself at a crossroad in life, are you seeking clarity?

Are are you inundated with advice and feeling overwhelmed with options, do you hope for focus and a source of timeless guidance in those moments that could illuminate your personal path in life?
• Executive vision & intention + healthy ambition and productivity  • Work/Personal life balance & satisfaction • Family/Career stability & happiness • Growth-minded feedback and reflection •

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Rabbi Tenenbaum is a noble mentor for students and staff alike, he creates community everywhere he goes. I feel that the Rabbi really cares about me and my well-being and makes me feel welcome at Touro exactly how I am. His demeanor is calming to my soul.  I appreciate his selfless work at the university and in the community.” --Touro University

Rabbi Tenenbaum was a 2024 TUC Leadership Award Recipient for: 
Excellence in Student Life, Mentoring, and Counseling Award

Preventing harassment and Discrimination + Clery Act and Title IX
FERPA for Higher Education & Suicide Prevention training 

This service is not instead of professional help for medically diagnosed issues and when necessary suitable professional help will be recommended.