We are now proud ot be an affiliate of the Jewish Learning Institue offering the highest level in adult Jewish Education. Stay tuned for our upcoming course:

Soul Maps:  Kabbalah to Navigate Your Inner World
Fall Course: 

Soul Maps:  Kabbalah to Navigate Your Inner World

As the “captain of your soul,” how can  you ensure safe arrival at your port  of call? This course investigates  a fundamental text of Chassidic  thought. Its theme is how the average  person may find self-actualization through  self-knowledge. Learn to understand and  navigate your inner conflicts so you can  live more purposefully.

Begins the week of 11 Cheshvan/Nov. 9
through the week of 17 Kislev/Dec. 14

Winter Course: 

You Be the Judge II:  Dive into the Sea of Talmud

How does an ancient system of law adapt to the modern world? See how Talmudic scholars respond to new advances in technology and society while remaining faithful to eternal principles.  You Be the Judge II presents six new cases that invite you to pit your wits against some of the best minds in Jewish history.

Begins the week of 14 Shevat/Feb. 8
through the week of 19 Adar/Mar. 15


Spring Course: 

Biblical Reflections:  Finding Your Self in the Stories of Genesis

The stories of Genesis are famous because they  are more than just stories. They help us hold a  mirror to our spirit and  see ourselves in a whole  new way. Ambition, jealousy,  courage, and conviction are among  the themes that we will explore,  as we examine the lives of Adam,  Eve, Cain, Noah, and Abraham.

Begins the week of 9 Iyar/May 3
through the week of 15 Sivan/Jun. 7