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Napa Maker of Covenant Kosher Wine Says Work Led to Faith
Jeff Morgan, 59,  said making acclaimed wines under the Covenant label sent a “wayward Jew like me back to Judaism.”
Napa Valley rabbi brings spirit into winemaking : St. Helena Star
When Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum mentions his wine label, Cuvée Chabad, he seems to swell with pride and joy.
Vintner rabbi ties kosher wine to Jewish heritage, earthly pleasure | j. the Jewish news weekly of
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Napa Valley's Jewish Heritage
As the world rushed in to profit from California's gold strike of 1848, many Jews joined the throng, not necessarily to mine but to sell merchandise to prospectors. Some settled in Napa Valley, a basin of rich agricultural land nestled between two mountain ridges. These pioneers conducted business, ...
Winemaking Rabbi Takes Napa Valley One Bottle at a Time
When a young couple from Brooklyn moved to California’s Napa Valley in 2006, perhaps the last thing they expected was that they would one day be making their own wine. And if making wine seemed to be impossible, selling it was certainly out of the question.